A poem for Hanno – 2nd Birthday

Special baby boy

His little eyes so sad,

His mouth turned in a frown.

Why does this little boy feel so bad?

He doesn’t deserve this at all


He doesn’t deserve this pain,

We all have the right to complain, because

We care and need his little light


His mother, father and sister stays by his side,

As the doctors remain to reside.

Please we all cry, let him find a way out.

Erase our faces of this doubt.


This little boy is so precious,

His happiness is infectious.

His life will be so great,

He will overcome his fearful fate.


God made it happen this way.

Your one of his beautiful angels,

He wants back one day.

He sent you here,

To light up this earth.

And to show us all,

What life is worth.

You showed me that life,

Could be a wonderful thing.

You showed me what i should do,

And what it would bring.


Your our little superhero that came in the darkest night.

You did not come on a white horse with armor shining bright.

You were simply born in the early hours of the morning.

You came to fill our lives with a glorious loving light.

You came to fight a villain the naked eye cannot see.

You keep it all inside you and smile through all our fears.

You laugh and smile as if you feel no pain.

You do this to protect us;

So our tears should not be falling like warm summer rain.

We should be smiling and feel your loving light.

You are our superhero, the strongest little fighter we know.

2 years ago,

on this very day

God sent you our way

Still we pray until this day

And look, it’s your second birthday.

We love you Baby Boy.


Liefde Jenique en Rico