A Prayer For Hanno


Happy birthday precious boy! Every day you have an impact on my life. Thank you for the gifts your little life has given me so far. You have reminded me again how precious and fragile life can be and that I should be thankful always for the privilege of life.You have helped me to think twice before taking health – mine and my family’s – for granted.Every day that you and your family fight for life, gives me an example of how important it is to never give up.I have had to do it before, but you have challenged me afresh to put all my hope faith and trust in a God of miracles and to rest peacefully in the knowledge that He is in control – even when it doesn’t seem so!

On your 1st birthday my prayer for you is that it will be the 1st of many more to come! I pray for grace and mercy from our God and for this unmerited favour to rest on your life! I pray that His presence will be surrounding you, nuturing and caring for you, protecting you and touching your spirit with a sense of peace. I pray that God will provide for all your needs in abundance and that your family will want for nothing. I pray that you will be blessed with the opportunity to experience life to the fullest and continue to trust God that you will do this with your whole body.

I pray for wisdom and discernment for your doctors and that God will bless them with the desire and determination to break boarders and fight for miracles! I pray for all the people praying for you that we will not stop, grow tired or despondent, but will continue to intercede with insight and an unshakeable faith in the goodness and faithfulness of our God. I pray for your parents that they will be refreshed in God and find peace in knowing that He knows us inside out and loves to show himself strong. I mostly pray for JOY – a deep seated joy that gives meaning to life and the strength to Live Laugh Love and Fight on!